Boxing Club

We are an amateur boxing club and fitness class based at the Gateway Centre and open to everyone. All our classes are mixed, for men and women, young and old. We have no membership fees or reservation lists, you can pay as you go or via monthly subscription - the choice is yours.

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Circuit Training. It'll blow your mind.

Want to get fit and healthy? well you can’t beat circuit training for that. Basic exercises that really do work. We’ll improve your fitness, body strength and cardiovascular endurance - you’ll feel like a superhero.

exercising at Fishersgate step ups
exercising at Fishersgate pad work

Pad Work. See for yourself.

Learn to box the right way, we focus on the technique with lots of pad work to really help you get the right skills whilst you're getting fit and healthier.

Bag Work. Checkmate.

Put it all together with practice on the bags, you're getting fitter and learning the right technique so let’s practice - it’s also a great stress reliever.

exercising at Fishersgate bag work

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